About Beautistics


Cosmetic bag & tracker

Beautistics is a nice and handy mobile application created for you not only to track the expiration dates, your Project Pan progress, but to become your personal beauty manager. 


  • There is no need to remember and look through the dates of opening packages and cosmetics expiration dates. Beautistics will do it for you.
  • Beautistics will collect and show you the statistics about your collection: prices and spending, amount of bought and finished products during different time periods, it will also show you the most crowded categories of your collection. 
  • Plan your purchases with a help of Beautistics' special function. You can set your monthly, quarterly and yearly budget. App will notify you if you're close to that limits or reached it.
  • You can save all the products you want to buy in future to the Wish List tab. Add a photo or any other picture of the desired product. You can get its title from any text on your smartphone: just select it and use “share” menu. The list of all the future purchases will be always on hand now.
  • Add your new cosmetics in a few seconds or add all the information about the new product to get the most comprehensive statistics. You can also write down your impressions about the usage of the item and give it a rating.

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